Save money selling your home

Want to save money when selling your home? Then follow these top tips to save you money at a crucial time.  

Do odd jobs yourself

As much as you can, do the odd jobs yourself when preparing to sell, but keep these jobs small and simple to maximise your profit. Declutter, tidy and clean to make the most of your house and make it seem as bright and spacious as possible. If you have any strongly coloured feature walls or wallpaper with large patterns, consider giving the room a coat of white paint. It’s amazing what a lick of paint will do to refresh a room and make it seem larger and light filled.  When tidying, cleaning and completing odd jobs, don’t forget the outside, give your house kerb appeal if you can, clean the windows, freshen up the woodwork and tidy up your garden - a few well-positioned pots of bright flowers might just do the trick.      

When all is said and done, do ensure you get all of the small maintenance jobs done, as too many jobs left undone will put a purchaser off. If you don’t feel confident doing these jobs yourself, then look for a multi-tasking tradesperson who can polish off a few jobs for you in one day – you’ll save money by only paying one call out fee and also help maximise the return on your property. Look in a local newsletter or ask a friend for a recommendation.       

Estate agent’s fees

Firstly, be sure to get a number of valuations, to give yourself the greatest chance of getting a credible valuation for your property that you’re likely to realise. 

Look at the fees of the estate agents you’re considering using, whether they’re an online or locally based agent. The former are often cheaper, but you won’t benefit from their local knowledge.  Check too, whether you’re tied into a contract of a particular length of time or if you face additional fees if advertising with multiple agents. Don’t just accept the first figure they give you – remember you can haggle.  Also, ensure you understand what the various fees include – will they oversee all of the viewings – even if they’re in the evening or on a Sunday - or will you have to step in. 

Some people do save money by marketing their homes themselves – but you’ll find it easier to use a professional; they’ll give you the benefit of their expertise and have the inside track on what’s selling well in your area. 

Have a probate property to sell?

If you’re going through probate and you want a quick house sale for your property, then contact a dedicated specialist in this area – they’ll take the weight off your shoulders.  

Solicitor’s fees

When looking for a solicitor to oversee your property sale, do your research before you commit to one. Do ask your estate agents for their recommendations, but remember they’re likely to have an arrangement. Weigh up the various recommendations you’ve had, taking into account the views of friends and family too - see if there are any names that keep cropping up - these are the ones  on which to concentrate.  Remember, you can negotiate their fee too or enquire about the possibility of a fixed fee if this would give you peace of mind.

From the initial preparation of your home to your estate agent’s and solicitors fees, we hope these hints and tips have given you a few ideas about how to save money when selling your property.

Tim Jackson