Don't make these simple mistakes when selling your house

Selling a house can be both time-draining and emotionally straining. It isn't easy to be in a situation where strangers look around your house, criticise it like it hasn't become much more than just a big amalgam of bricks and concrete to you, and then offer surprisingly little money for it. However, selling that property can be easier when you avoid making these straightforward blunders.

Staying too emotionally tethered to the property

Over the time that the property has been yours, probably a lot has been emotionally vested in it. We don't doubt that many blissful memories in your mind could be associated with that property; therefore, once you have decided to offload it, you could benefit from considering yourself not so much the home's owner, but more simply a businessperson.

Doing this can help you to detach yourself emotionally from the building. Nonetheless, you should remember that most buyers who look around the property will be emotional. When looking at your home, they could be imagining what dream and lifestyle will be realised once they are in it. Investopedia says that remembering this can lead you to put more effort into making the home look nice. This, in turn, can result in a higher sales price.

Resisting help from an external source

If you want to sell your home quickly, it wouldn't be wise for you to immediately rule out an external company's help with enabling you to do that. Let's assume, for example, that you had recently inherited a probate property. A probate property valuation can be more accurate when made by someone who has relevant, specialist expertise that you could lack.

Furthermore, after a reliable property valuation for probate, you might be eager for that house to be sold quickly. After all, it could have fallen rather unexpectedly into your possession - and, the longer it stays there, the longer you would have to keep paying for its upkeep. This could be a very unappealing prospect if you are already being financially tested.

Fortunately, here at Probate Purchasers, we can not only carry out a probate valuation of property but also buy that property in little time. When it would be most financially attractive for you to make a sale that is speedy, we can come to the rescue.

Overlooking the home's unsightly interior design features

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but there are some aspects of interior design that repulse more than others. The Express has listed various features that could lower a property's value. Wood panelling is especially unattractive; 46% of respondents to a survey of 2,000 Britons claimed that they would resist buying a property with wood panelling that was old fashioned.

Avocado bathroom suites were nearly as unpopular, with the study calculating that almost £5,000 would be knocked off the value of a property featuring an outdated avocado suite. Fortunately, however, the appeal of a probate property's interior features does not affect whether we would make an offer for that property.

Tim Jackson